I’ve always wanted
to try ______ but wasn’t sure
how to ask for it.

“It’s an experience that deepens connection and opens opportunities in the bedroom that you might really enjoy — it’s fun knowing that there’s still so many new things that we haven’t tried.” A, 29

Here's how it works


Build your Erotic Persona. It can get quite… intimate. This helps Arya personalize your experience. Oh and we'll ask your partner too so make sure they know :)

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Throughout the week Arya will send you and your partner separate texts with teasers, erotica, and finally a decision to make that sets the tone.

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Twice a month Arya will curate and send you all kinds of sensual goodies that meet you at your phase of the journey — if only your mailman knew ;)

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“A good way to get you primed and ready to try new things… I liked the mystery..“

R, 36 - AN Arya User

“Watching someone that I have so much affection and respect for, do something so confidently that's outside of her comfort zone. It was like an accountability buddy reminding you to set some time aside for yourselves.“

j, 41 - AN Arya User